Name Modified
19-20 school year parent info night kids co 8/23/2019 View
2009 ExCEL Winners Becky Boughten and Meredith Proulx 10/16/2019 View
2010 ExCEL Winners Victoria Larkin and Byron Synstegaard 10/16/2019 View
2011 ExCEL Winners Marisa Keidel and Maxx Williams 10/16/2019 View
2012 ExCEL Winners Amy Parkinson and Matt Rachey 10/16/2019 View
2013 ExCEL Winners Lexi Willems and Tommy Gove 10/16/2019 View
2014 ExCEL Winners Madelynn Lage and Nathan Glynn 10/16/2019 View
2015 ExCEL Winners Carissa Dock and Alex Carrabre 10/16/2019 View
2016 ExCEL Winners Emma Lohman and Armando Corona-Armenta 10/16/2019 View
2017 ExCEL Winners Elizabeth Whalen and Caden Turner 10/16/2019 View
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