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The following message was sent to families on March 27 following the Regular Meeting of the School Board:

Earlier tonight, the School Board voted to accept approximately $4.6 million in budget adjustments for the 2023-24 fiscal year. The final list of adjustments will be posted on the District website on Tuesday, March 28. With these adjustments in place, the District is projected to reduce its overall debt by approximately $1.9 million, which is necessary progress toward the end goal of returning the District to a financially stable position where we can once again invest in our strategic priorities. 

I want to point out that between the public comment meeting on Monday, March 20 and tonight, a couple of the initial recommendations were altered in the plan including removing the line items regarding increasing class sizes in grades 3-5 and removing the line item regarding reducing a 0.5 FTE band teacher. 

Throughout this difficult process I have been impressed by the entire Waconia Public Schools community. Teachers, staff, and parents have been engaged throughout the process and have asked important questions of myself and other District leaders. School Board members have listened to stakeholders and have had robust debate and discussions while digging into the fine details of the plan in order to make the best decision for the future of our District. The final proposal met adjustment targets while adhering to the following priorities: 

  • Prioritizing class sizes in the primary grades at the elementary level. 
  • Preserving extra-curricular, co-curricular and athletic opportunities for students.
  • Maintaining pupil support positions such as school counselors, social workers and school psychologists

Making budget adjustments and reducing staff is something no educational leader wants to undertake, but it is a crucial step for the long term financial and programmatic health of Waconia Public Schools. This is a great school district with passionate and skilled educators and a tremendously supportive community and it will continue to be going forward. 

Please don’t hesitate to email me or your child’s principal if you have any questions or concerns.


Superintendent Gersich


Why is ISD 110 engaged in a budget adjustment process for the 2023-24 fiscal year? Due to relatively flat enrollment and expenditures outpacing revenues, the District has been in Statutory Operating Debt and has maintained a negative general fund balance since the 2017-18 fiscal year. Current projections show that the District will end the current fiscal year with a negative $6.2 million general fund balance.

General Fund and Enrollment Graphs
Process & Timeline

ISD 110 leadership, including the School Board, Superintendent Gersich and other leaders districtwide are committed to building a budget for the next fiscal year that sets the District on a path toward a healthy financial position. This process, which began in late Fall, has included multiple opportunities for internal staff to engage in the work of identifying potential cost-saving opportunities, an external stakeholder survey, and will include a public comment Special Meeting of the School Board on March 20.

Key Dates

  • March 13 | Recommendations presented to the School Board
  • March 20 | Special Meeting of the Board for public comment | 6 p.m. | WMS Auditorium
  • March 23 | School Board Work Session | 6 p.m. | C107 WHS
  • March 27 | Tentative date for School Board to take action on recommendations
Proposed Adjustments

Leadership teams worked together to identify potential adjustments totaling no less than $4.75 million. Superintendent Gersich presented the Board with these recommended adjustments at the March 13 School Board Work Session.

The notable items below involve a large cost savings or create new revenue. Stakeholders should know that this is not a complete list and that many other reductions will also be made. 


  • Restructure Teaching & Learning Dept. with the elimination of 2.0 FTE
  • Reduce 3.0 FTE through consolidation of technology integration, instructional coaches, and deans of students
  • Consolidate Directors of Technology and Teaching & Learning into one Director and one Coordinator position
  • Prorate compensation of Communications Director to Community Education
  • Place moratorium on district administration performance payments

Instructional & Pupil Support

  • Reduce 4.0 FTE for Educational Support Professionals (ESP)
  • Reduce district curriculum expenses
  • Delay the replacement of High School Business Education Computer Lab

Operations & Maintenance

  • Reduce 2.0 FTE night custodial staff
  • Reduce 1.5 FTE elementary custodial staff
  • Reduce custodial, maintenance and grounds supplies


  • Eliminate 3.0 FTE Spanish teachers
  • Restructure 5th Grade Band instruction
  • Reduce 7.0 FTE Grades 3-5 teachers
  • Reduce 2.0 FTE Art teachers as part of specialist restructure


  • Middle School schedule restructure, reduce 7.0 FTE Grade 6-8 teachers
  • Additional reduction of 5.0 FTE from Grade 6-8 teachers
  • Reduce 7.0 FTE Grade 9-12 teachers
  • Reinstitute Waconia HS parking fees
  • Eliminate 1.0 FTE Media Center ESP position

Athletics & Activities

  • Increase HS activity participation fees
  • Reduce assistant HS athletics coaches
  • Delay purchase of new athletic uniforms by one year
  • Increase price of Middle School ($4) and High School ($15) yearbooks
Frequently Asked Questions
2023-24 Budget Adjustments Fact Sheet
Complete List of Adjustments (Updated March 28)
Waconia Resources in Education Allocation Planning (WREAP) Timeline
March 13 School Board Meeting Recording
March 27 School Board Meeting Recording
March 20 Special School Board Meeting

On March 20, the School Board will host a special meeting at 6:00 p.m. in the Middle School Auditorium to hear feedback regarding the proposed budget adjustments from staff, parents and the wider community. 

Those wishing to address the Board are asked to sign-up in advance by filling out this Google Form. Attendees will also have an opportunity to sign-up just prior to the meeting by filling out a speaker card as they arrive. Speakers will have three minutes to make their comments and are expected to adhere to the District’s guidelines for public comment participation. Board members will be present to listen to feedback and no official action will be taken at the special meeting. 

If you have questions about speaking at the March 20 special meeting, please contact Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Jessica Kilian at