District 110 uses a variety of standardized assessment tests to help evaluate student performance. Results of these tests provide data to schools, teachers, students, and parents that show areas of strength and areas requiring improvement.

How important are these tests? For students in grades K–8, these tests assess students’ achievement with regard to the Minnesota Academic Standards. They also measure academic growth from year to year.

For high school students, college entrance exams like the ACT may determine which college a student attends, and whether academic scholarships are awarded. Students are encouraged to participate in ACT prep and repeat exams to try and better their scores.

With testing stakes high, students must come prepared to do their best. Three kinds of parental involvement at home are consistently associated with higher student achievement:

  1. Actively organizing and monitoring a child’s time
  2. Helping with homework
  3. Discussing school matters
Parent Test-Support Strategies:
  • Provide a quiet, comfortable place for studying at home.
  • Mark test dates on your home calendar and schedule appointments on non-testing days.
  • Make sure that your child is well rested on school days, and especially the day of a test.
  • Give your child a well-rounded diet. A healthy body leads to a healthy, active mind.
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher as often as needed to discuss his or her progress.
Student Test-Taking Strategies:
  • Maintain good study habits and complete your class work.
  • Seek available test preparation materials.
  • Get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast before testing.
  • If permitted, bring water and a healthy snack to eat during a test break.
  • Read and pay careful attention to all directions.
  • Read and respond to items one at a time rather than thinking about the whole test.
  • Use strategies such as reasoning and eliminating wrong answers when answering questions.
  • Keep a good attitude. Think positively!

If you have any questions regarding assessment, please contact:

Erika Nesvig
Director of Educational Services

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