District 110 is committed to developing the highest-quality, most engaging, and professional educators. Education professionals will possess the skills necessary to enhance the 21st century learning our students need to be successful, as well as maximize both academic achievement and educational opportunities.

The purpose of evaluation in District 110 is to grow and develop teachers so that . . . 

  • All teachers can clearly and commonly understand what strategies impact student learning, and
  • All teachers can identify their specific needs and be supported in their growth and development, and
  • All students can learn and grow to their highest potential

The District 110 Professional Growth, Reflection, and Evaluation Plan (PGRE Plan) is based on the Marzano Focused Evaluation Model and contains the following components:

  • A 3-year Professional Review Cycle, including
         - A process for observation and peer review, and
         - The development of a professional growth plan
  • A 3-year Student Achievement Goal
  • An option for individual teacher portfolios or e-folios
  • A teacher improvement process for continuing contract teachers

If you have questions regarding teacher evaluation, please contact:

Erika Nesvig, Director of Educational Services
(952) 856-4610

PGRE Plan 2023-2026