Step 1

Find Your School

Kindergarten through Grade 5:
Use our Interactive Mapping Tool to find the elementary school assigned to your address.

Bayview Elementary, 24 S. Walnut Street, Waconia; (952) 442-0630
Laketown Elementary, 960 Airport Road, Waconia; (952) 442-0690
Southview Elementary, 225 W. 4th Street, Waconia; (952) 442-0620

  Grades 6–8:
  Waconia Middle School, 1400 Community Drive, Waconia
  (952) 442-0650

Grades 9–12:
Waconia High School, 1650 Community Drive, Waconia
(952) 442-0670

Waconia Learning Center, 1800 Community Drive, Waconia
(952) 442-0689 

Step 2

Get Enrolled

Fill out the online enrollment form and keep record of the confirmation number. Next, print and fill the supplementary enrollment forms, contact your child's school to schedule a visit for completion of the registration process.

For Kindergarten:

Children age 5 years old on or before Sept. 1 are eligible to begin kindergarten.

State law requires all students to complete Early Childhood Screening before they enter kindergarten. To schedule an appointment for a free screening, click here to schedule online, or call Brenda at (952) 442-0613 or email

Immunizations K–12:

State law requires that students in all grades must have documentation for all required vaccines. Medical and conscientious exemptions are allowed under the law. Contact Sara Eischens, health coordinator, with questions about immunizations at (952) 442-0625 or​ email

Step 3

Do You Need Before and/or After-School Child Care?

Community Education offers child care through Kids' Company. Community Education offers before-/after-school and summer programming options at various locations throughout the district. Call the Community Education office for information and registration at (952) 442-0610 or email Jennifer Merritt, coordinator

Step 4

Do You Need Special Education Services?

Information about Special Education services is available through the Student Support Services Department. For additional information, contact Paul Tordoff, director of Student Support Services, at (952) 442-0628 or email