Over the next few years, our elementary schools will be transitioning to a standards-based report card. The purpose of standards-based grading is to align our grading with mastery of our state and national standards, while providing clear communication of what your child is able to do and the next steps for areas of growth.

What are the benefits of Standards-Based Grading?

For Students:

  • Learning targets are clearly defined and aligned to the Minnesota state standards
  • Students are offered multiple opportunities and ways to demonstrate proficiency
  • Students monitor their own progress toward the achievement of specified targets
  • Specific feedback on progress helps build self-esteem, pride and motivation for students

For Parents:

  • Grades have more meaning
  • Parents are aware of what their child knows and is able to do
  • Parents see the learning progression
  • Parents know in what areas their child needs more support
  • Parents are empowered to increase their child's confidence and to actively participate in their child's learning goal

For Teachers:

  • Teachers know exactly where students are in the learning continuum
  • Each grade assignment has the same aligned standards and expectations
  • Assessment results help teachers determine when students need more support and when they need challenging work

Academic Performance Indicators

The following terms are used for communicating progress toward mastering the standards: M, P, and N. The expectation is for each child to meet or exceed the grade-level standard by the end of the year, which you would see as an M on their report card. You may see some Ps, especially when new concepts are being introduced and learned, or as concepts become more complex. A grade of N indicates that your child requires extra support and intervention to make progress toward the standard, and we'll work with you to determine the path to help your child grow.

M - Meets grade-level expectations Student demonstrates a consistent understanding and knowledge of the standard. With limited errors, student is able to grasp and apply key concepts, processes, and skills.
P - Partially meets expectations Student demonstrates progress toward understanding and knowledge of the standard but has not yet achieved it.
N - Not Yet at Grade Level Student demonstrates no or minimal progress toward the standard. Additional support is needed for the student to develop understanding and knowledge.

The "C" or Consistently Excels 3-5 ONLY has been removed from the report card. If your child is achieving above grade level, it will be reflected in the report card comments.

Remember: In standards-based grading, an "M" is celebrated!


Please contact Erika Nesvig at enesvig@isd110.org with any questions.