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In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. For assistance with Technology, Buildings and Grounds, and Educational Services (formerly Teaching and Learning), please send an email to describing your issue and someone will respond to your request as soon as possible. This option is for students, families and employees. 

Another option available to District employees who are working in a District building on the District network is to click here to open a support ticket.  

Getting started with your Chromebook

The Technology Department is instrumental in preparing District 110's students to meet the demands of their future as global citizens, digital learners, innovative thinkers, and collaborative problem-solvers. This means creating high-tech, global opportunities for our students.

It is responsible for the maintenance of district computers and technology systems, as well as the district's student record-keeping system, and MARSS, the state database of student information.

The Technology Department helps provide students, staff, and administration with the knowledge, skills, and technology tools that enable them to solve problems, think creatively, continue learning, and develop their maximum potential in today's global society. All district buildings are wireless, providing the opportunity for free-flowing collaboration among peers and teachers, digital resources, and the Internet.

Technology resources include a computerized library system, classroom computers, mobile devices, and Smartboards. All students have access to technology.

Aleks Simanovich, Technology Manager
(952) 442-0606 *ext. 5006
Contact for information regarding:
√ Technology policies and procedures
√ Special technology requests

Ryan Mueller, Network Specialist
(952) 442-0647 *ext. 5152
Contact for information regarding:
√ Internet issues
√ Network issues

Dave Delaney, Technology Support Specialist
(952) 442-0638 *ext. 4006
Contact for information regarding:
√ IT staff will contact to escalate problem technology issues
√ Technology purchasing

Ashley Sicheneder, Student Information System Specialist & Enrollment Specialist
(952) 442-0644 *ext. 5113
Contact for information regarding:
√ Infinite Campus
√ Schoology
√ Destiny
√ Program rostering

Vatoua Yang, Technology Support Specialist
(952) 856-4519 *ext. 7006
Contact for information regarding:
√ Technology needs at Laketown Elementary
√ Apple devices

Ben Hunt, Technology Support Specialist
(952) 856-4527 *ext. 4011
Contact for information regarding:
√ Technology needs at Waconia High School
√ Chromebooks
√ Google

Nicole Smith, Technology Assistant
(952) 856-4570 *ext. 3006
Contact for information regarding:
√ Technology needs at Waconia Middle School
√ Shoretel issues