How do I pay my bill at Kids' Company?
How do I change my account password?

To Change Password

Enter your phone number and password

Go to the bottom of the screen to:  change password  

Click and change.

How do I change my credit card information?

To Change Credit Card Information

Under My Account click on “Manage Payment Methods

I forgot my account password

Click on I Forgot my password on the sign in screen.


Do we get vacation days?

Yes, we use the term Compensation days (Comp days)

The amount of compensation days depends on your number of contracted days (Comp day info)

Compensation days are prorated, based on your start date and end date, if you withdraw early)

Compensation days do not carry into other sessions.

A request for a compensation day must be indicated on the payment form or through an email to your child's site or to the Billing Specialist.  If notice is not given, full tuition will be charged.

Can I end my contract early?

Yes, we require a 2 week notice.  Send send an email to your child's Site Supervisor, stating when you would like to end your contract.