SFM Work Injury Hotline

Workers’ compensation benefits, which are specified by law, are provided to protect employees in the event of a work-related injury or illness resulting in medical care and/or loss of time from work. In order to avoid possible delays in processing workers’ compensation claims, it is very important that all work-related injuries are reported immediately.

In the event of an injury, you should immediately contact your supervisor. If your supervisor is not available, then you should contact the school district’s work injury hotline service directly. To be most beneficial, the call should be made as soon as possible after the injury occurs. A nurse will answer the call and speak with the supervisor first (if available) and then privately with the injured employee in order to complete the First Report of Injury form and discuss next steps.

SFM Work Injury Hotline: (855) 675-3501
Call SFM Work Injury Hotline then complete the form below and turn it in to your Supervisor
First Injury Report Form

For questions regarding Workers Compensation, contact:

Enid Schonewise, Director of Human Resources
(952) 442-0600