Southwest Metro e-Learning Enterprise (SEE)

On July 16th the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) announced that students and families must be given the choice for in-person classes or online classes for the 2021 – 2022 school year.

In cooperation with more than a dozen school districts, Waconia Public Schools will offer a fully online enrollment option for K-12 families, while maintaining a place for you in your school.

This collaborative program called the Southwest Metro e-Learning Enterprise (SEE) will be available throughout the year, offering full-time and part-time curriculum with “live” online teaching of MDE approved courses for all grades K through 12. SWMetro has been offering online courses for more than a decade.

Students will attend school online each day and work with teachers to complete learning activities in real-time by video conferencing and private tutorials. Both teacher-guided and independent assignments will mirror the same concepts and curriculum as in-school counterparts; however, the delivery is adapted to help students succeed in an online environment.

FIRST STEPS to Enroll in SouthWest Metro e-Learning Enterprise (SEE)

  • A student must be currently enrolled as a student in Waconia Public Schools.
  • Formally enroll in ONE10 before completing the separate online registration.
  • Register for virtual school
    • Elementary (k-5), Middle (6-8), High School (9-12)
    • Enrollment in the SEE Virtual Schools is a minimum one-semester commitment.


  • Capable of submitting assignments and completing course requirements on the provided device
    • If assistive technology is needed for a student, please advise the district
  • Able and willing to seek assistance when needed


  • Students will be expected to engage daily in virtual courses in real-time and to participate in class discussions and respond to the communications of the teacher.
  • Students will be required to submit all work based on timelines outlined by the teacher.
  • Just as in any regular class, students should expect some “homework” assignments, that is, tasks to complete outside of regular classroom hours.


  • Ensure their student(s) has the necessary equipment and internet access to participate.
  • Ensure their student(s) follow their assigned schedule each day.
  • Encourage their student(s) to seek help when stuck or frustrated.
  • Communicate academic concerns with instructors as needed.
  • Ensure all tests and work intended to be completed independently is completed by their student.
  • Stay informed of all course requirements and deadlines.


  • Students will use a device and other necessary learning materials provided by the district.
  • SEE and the home district will provide technical support online and by phone
  • Families without internet access can request a Wi-Fi hotspot from their home district to use for online learning.
  • We do NOT provide home printers, ink, etc. for students who choose to participate in virtual schools.


  • Students are expected to engage daily and teachers will be recording daily attendance.
  • Students must actively participate in their virtual courses with the goal of completing the courses.
  • Virtual students are expected to complete all course requirements in the time allotted for the course.


  • We will watch for individual difficulties and intervene when necessary
  • We will offer assistance to students struggling with online academics, including providing paper copies of assignments when feasible
  • We will team with the district, parents, partners, and all concerned to make your student successful