Waconia Public Schools and its employee labor groups share a common interest in creating the most effective educational experiences for students.

Core Purpose
  • Empower students to explore their passions and create their success by providing opportunities for academic, social and emotional growth.
  • Prioritize our agreed upon “Desired Daily Experiences” for students, parents and staff.

To support these goals, Waconia Public Schools have established Guiding Values for contract negotiations.

Guiding Values
Negotiations Guiding Values
Accomplishing Our Goals

We will accomplish these goals by:

  • Being prepared,
  • Providing transparency, 
  • Providing clarity,  
  • Meeting timelines
  • Following mutually accepted process agreements 
  • Creating a system of open communication
  • Following the parameters established by the school board to guide negotiations.
Negotiated Employee Groups

Minutes and proposals during negotiation sessions for various employee groups will be posted below when they become available.