The seven-member Waconia School Board makes policy and oversees the district’s budget, curriculum, personnel, and physical facilities. Members are elected at large to serve four-year terms.

Meetings of the Board of Education are open to the public. The regular meetings of the Board of Education are conducted on the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at Waconia City Hall, 201 S. Vine Street, unless otherwise noted. (link to meeting calendar)

Dana Geller webready

Dana Geller  Chair
Committees: Self-Governance & Superintendent Relations, Dist. 110 Advisory Council, Schools for Equity in Education, Liaison to City of Victoria
Term: Jan. 1, 2017–Dec. 31, 2020
Jan. 1, 2021--Dec. 31, 2023

Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson  Vice Chair/Clerk
Committees:  Self Governance & Superintendent Relations, Policy & Advocacy, Leadership & District Service, MNSHSL, CE Advisory Council, Carver County Elected Leaders
Term:Jan. 1, 2019–Dec. 31, 2022

John Weinand webready

John Weinand    Treasurer
Committees: Self Governance & Superintendent Relations, Finance & Facilities, SPED Advisory Council, Liaison to City of St. Bonifacius, Carver County Elected Leaders
Terms:Jan. 1, 2003–Dec. 31, 2006
Jan. 1, 2007–Dec. 31, 2010
Jan. 1, 2011–Dec. 31, 2014
Jan. 1, 2015–Dec. 31, 2018
Jan. 1, 2019- Dec. 31, 2022

Mike Bullis webready

Mike Bullis   Director
Committees: Finance & Facilities, Policy & Advocacy, Chemical Abuse Advisory Council/HEROs, Liaison to City of Waconia, Liaison to City of New Germany
Terms: Jan. 1, 2011–Dec. 31, 2014
Jan. 1, 2015–Dec. 31, 2018
Jan. 1, 2019- Dec. 31, 2022

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Luke DeBoer  Director
Committees: Finance & Facilities, CE Advisory Council, Carver County Elected Leaders
Term: Jan. 1, 2020- Dec. 31, 2023


Alycia Myers  Director
Committee Assignments: Policy & Advocacy, Leadership & District Service, District 110 Advisory Council, Teaching & Learning Advisory Council, Liaison to City of Minnetrista, 110 Foundation
Term: Jan. 1, 2020–Dec. 31, 2023

Rachel Myers

Rachel Myers   Director
Committees: Leadership & District Service, SouthWest Metro Intermediate District #288, Teaching & Learning Advisory Council, Chemical Abuse Advisory Council/HEROs
Term: Jan. 1, 2019–Dec. 31, 2022

Pat Devine webready

Pat Devine  Superintendent
Ex Officio Member

District Office
512 Industrial Blvd
Waconia, MN 55387
(952) 442-0600