District 110’s ECSE team provides a continuum of special education services for children beginning as early as birth and following them up to kindergarten. Our ECSE team is housed in the Waconia Enrichment Center, 512 Industrial Boulevard, and we work collaboratively with families, Wildcat Preschool, Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), and other community programs for the most appropriate placement and education of children eligible for early intervention. Services are provided in the child’s most natural environment for optimal learning opportunities. These settings can include the home, child care environment, center-based preschool, and community programs.

Home-Based Services
Services for eligible children from birth to age 3 are provided in the home or child care setting. ECSE staff work with the child and his or her parents to facilitate learning opportunities, not only during the time when teachers and therapists are visiting but also within the family’s daily routines (e.g., playing, eating). Services are based on individual needs of the child and family, and are provided year-round.

Center-Based Services
Early Childhood Special Education services for students aged 3 to 5 years are typically delivered with a center-based approach in a preschool setting. Our goal as an ECSE team is to provide services that meet the individual needs of children with various developmental abilities. Services are determined by the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) team, and are based upon the student's unique educational needs.

Speech–Language Services
Speech and language services are provided for eligible children from birth through the preschool years. Children from birth to age 3 are provided with speech–language services in their home or child care year-round. Other children, ages 3 to 5, are provided with speech–language services in a small-group speech setting or a center-based program according to the individual needs of the child. Speech–language services may be provided as a related service for the following conditions: apraxia, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, congenital anomalies, developmental delay, Down syndrome, hearing loss, and traumatic brain injury. However, eligible children may be seen specifically for the following speech and language disorders: articulation, stuttering, and voice.

District 110 ECSE Staff
The ECSE department is staffed by licensed early childhood special education teachers and speech/language pathologists.

Itinerant Staff
District 110 also accesses the services of other therapists and consultants based on the child’s needs. These service providers may include, but are not limited to, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers for the deaf and hard of hearing, vision consultants, autism specialists, school psychologists, and behavior specialists/therapists.

Do you have questions about how your child is learning, playing, listening, talking, moving, seeing, or behaving? To get additional information or to refer your child for assessment, please call Carver County Help Me Grow at (952) 567-8215 or visit helpmegrowmn.org.

Samantha Jung, Special Education Manager
(952) 856-4525

Paul Tordoff, Special Education Director
(952) 442-0628