Where is the Lost & Found located?
The Lost & Found tables are located in the hallway outside the Bayview Gym. Last year we had fewer items than normal thanks in part to parents labeling students' jackets and sweatshirts. Winter typically sees a large increase in lost items, particularly hats and gloves/mittens. Once again, we encourage you to label these items and then we will do our best to return them to the students.

If driving my child to school, where should I drop them off in the morning?
Parents are asked to drop off students in the north parking lot only. Please do not use the south bus lane or the front of the building for dropping off students. Both of these areas are very busy in the morning. Please drive around to the north door, where staff supervisors will meet your car, open the car doors and assist your children into the playground. This will help the line move quickly. Please do not park in the lot as the area is congested and is used as a bus/van drop-off area for students with special transportation needs.

How will I know when my child needs lunch money?
When your child's lunch balance reaches $10 or less, a notice will be sent home. District Policy states that students are allowed to charge no more than $10. If this happens, students will be reminded to bring in lunch money and then be offered a sandwich and milk until their negative balance is corrected.

How does your lunch program work?
The Waconia School District uses a computerized lunch program. Our food service department offers both breakfast and lunch each day.

Breakfast is served from 7:30–8:05 a.m. at a cost of $.75 per child. Breakfast is free for kindergartners.

For lunch, students have the option of a hot lunch or an alternative lunch at a cost of $2.60 per child.

To view our lunch menu, click on the Lunch Menus button on the Bayview homepage.

How does Bayview Elementary perform on state assessments?
Over the past years, Bayview has performed well on MCA assessments. Bayview has been named a Reward School from 2011–2016. Our instructional staff continues to focus on high test scores but also 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. 

What are Bayview's practices for dropping off and picking up my child/ren?

The playground is not supervised until 7:45 a.m. Please do not drop students off before that time. Students are not allowed into the building until 8 a.m. (Kindergarten and 5th) and 8:05 a.m. (first through fourth grades). Students can be dropped off to have breakfast at 7:30 a.m. 

  • All parents must pick up at the north end of the building and enter through the north door off of the parking lot at 2:40 p.m.

  • Parents will line up in the hallway when they enter the building and sign their child(ren) out at the table provided. Parents will come around the table to meet their child(ren) and walk out the east doors. Students will bring the note sent by their parent/guardian with the name of the person picking up. If a regular pick up routine has been established those names have been shared already. We will ask that you have your ID available to show. This is a practice that is very common, but it is new to us. We realize that we know many of you but it is uncomfortable for staff to be expected to know everyone, so please always have your ID ready to show. We will have extra staff available to help as we work through this process for the safety of our students.

How do I communicate with my child if there is a change in their everyday after-school routine?
Please help us with changes in end-of-day routines by sending a note to your child's teacher detailing the change. If there are last-minute changes, we ask that you call the office at (952) 442-0630 no later than 1:30 p.m. A verbal message from your child is not sufficient. Also, please do not send an email message with this information. Teachers are not able to check email throughout the day, or in the event that your child has a substitute teacher, they would not be able to check the teacher's email.

May I eat lunch with my child?
Parents are always welcome to eat with his/her child, however we do ask that you make advance reservations if you are planning on eating hot lunch by calling the office at (952) 443-0630 by 9 a.m. Food Service does not always have extra meals to accommodate last-minute guests. Thank you for remembering to call ahead.

What should I send with my child for a morning snack?
As part of our continued commitment to draw attention to eating healthy, we are requesting that the morning snack breaks at Bayview do not include chips or cookies. We are not against these products; in fact, we enjoy them as much as anyone. We do feel though that a morning snack around 9:30 a.m. is not a good time for these items. Instead we would suggest fruit, vegetables, crackers, etc.

We realize that finding items that are completely healthy is not always easy, but it is our hope that we are making some small in-roads in the nutrition area with our students. Also, the no-cookie practice does not apply to those special days like birthdays and class parties; we do recognize children have special food celebration time in the lives. We thank you for your support. Please be very aware of any allergies in your child's classroom. Non-food items are also a fun way to celebrate. 

Do you offer child care before and after school?
Yes, we do have on-site childcare programs (Kids' Company). Contact Community Education at (952) 442-0610 for information and registration.

What are the school hours?
8:05 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Who do I contact for registration questions?
Please contact Ann Bohanon at abohanon@isd110.org or call (952) 442-0630.

May we tour Bayview Elementary School?
Yes! We encourage you to tour with or without your student and we very much enjoy giving tours. Please call ahead to (952) 442-0630 to arrange a day and time that is convenient for you and our staff.

How do I know which elementary school is my attendance area school?
Refer to the District Boundary Maps for a detailed map of Waconia school boundaries. If you still have questions, feel free to contact the Bayview Office Staff at (952) 442-0630.

What grade levels attend Bayview Elementary?
Bayview is a Grade K–5 elementary school.