District 110 is committed to developing the highest-quality, most engaging, and professional educators. Education professionals will possess the skills necessary to enhance the 21st century learning our students need to be successful, as well as maximize both academic achievement and educational opportunities.

The goals of the District 110 teacher evaluation plan are

  • to measure the performance and growth of individual teachers;
  • to guide teachers as they reflect upon their effectiveness;
  • to serve as the basis for instructional support and improvement; and
  • to guide school and district professional development plans.

The District 110 Professional Growth, Reflection, and Evaluation Plan (PGRE Plan) contains the following components:

  1. McREL teacher evaluation system rubric
  2. Individual teacher professional development plans, including goals for student engagement
  3. An option for individual teacher portfolios or e-folios
  4. Student learning goals (SLGs)
  5. Teacher improvement process for continuing contract teachers

If you have questions regarding teacher evaluation, please contact:

Kathy Oliphant, Director of Teaching and Learning
(952) 442-0685

Sonya Sailer, Director of Human Resources
(952) 442-0645