Mission Statement

Our Core Purpose:

ISD110 empowers students to explore their passions and create their success by providing opportunities for academic, social, and emotional growth. 

Vision Statement

What We Commit to Create

ISD110 students will: 

  • Achieve academic success through choice, rigor, and relevance
  • Be inspired to explore who they are and who they will become
  • Feel they belong in school and in the community


Core Values

Drivers of Our Words and Actions


We honor the perspectives of others and we own our individual actions. 


We work and learn together. 


We reach beyond ourselves to value and connect with others. 


We respond to others with authentic care. 


We work through challenges and setbacks with courage, persistence, and optimism. 

Theory of Action

Our Commitment to Continuous Learning

If we...

     Believe all students have the ability to learn and achieve to their potential, and 

     Create an environment of safety and belonging, and 

     Respond to our students' social, emotional, and academic needs, and 

     Achieve learning through high expectations, effective instruction, and established outcomes, and 

     Inspire and engage students through a shared responsibility for learning, and 

     Commit to continuous learning and improvement, then all students will...


Daily Desired Experiences


  • I feel welcomed, safe, cared for, accepted, and supported for who I am.
  • I am challenged, allowed to make mistakes, and I’m learning.
  • I am able to explore, be creative, have fun, work with my hands, work with others, and have time to relax I have choices and take ownership in my learning and activities.
  • I am trusted, treated fairly, receive feedback and recognition.
  • I feel I belong at my school and that my voice is heard and respected.
  • I like school and am excited to be here.
  • I feel included and involved.
  • I have real friends, and adults I can count on.


  • I am welcomed, listened to, respected and supported. 
  • My child is receiving high quality education and is prepared for the next level.
  • My child is accepted, safe, happy, and supported.
  • My child has friends and feels that she or he belongs at school.
  • I know how my child is doing in school and what the school expects of me.
  • I partner with teachers and the school, and have the information and resources I need to support my child.
  • I am connected to other parents, and involved in  the school community.


  • I feel welcomed, safe, accepted, trusted and supported.
  • I have the resources I need to do my job well, including time and space for collaboration, preparation, and improvement.
  • I help to create the best environment and experience for the ONE10 community everyday.
  • I am part of a successful team focused on our students’  learning and needs.                                                   
  • I have clear expectations for my work, receive timely feedback, and have leadership opportunities.
  • I experience open, honest, and consistent  communications among staff and administrators. 
  • I am heard, respected, and encouraged to take risks and innovate.
  • I am supported by, and connected to, the community.
  • I am proud to work at ISD 110.
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