Thank you for reaching out to ISD 110 school board member(s).  We appreciate hearing from you. The role of the school board is to set policy and make governance decisions as a whole board. There is no single decision-maker on the school board. Members often receive communications from parents, staff and the greater community on subjects that are not the board’s responsibility to address. Our role is to help guide the school district as a governing body. We do not make management-level decisions.

School Board responsibilities include:

-   Superintendent hiring and evaluation

-   Governance

-   Adopt/approve goals and policies

-   Set strategic direction

-   Budget and fiscal responsibility

-   Contract negotiations

If your question/comment/concern is something to be discussed at the board level, you will receive a reply as timely as possible. Otherwise, if your email involves a school-level issue, we encourage you to reach out to your student(s) school, principal or teacher and follow the process below.   

Process for addressing questions/concerns:

  1. Contact the person directly in charge of the area of concern.  Ex: Classroom teacher
  2. If the concern is not addressed to your satisfaction, contact the supervisor of the person directly in charge.  Ex: the principal of the building
  3. If the concern is still not addressed to your satisfaction, contact the next person in the chain of command.  Ex: the superintendent of the school district
  4. Finally if the concern is still not addressed to your satisfaction, contact the school board chair or a school board member of your choice.

If you would like to publicly address the board, please submit a request to speak at one of our monthly meetings by contacting:

School board meeting schedule

Again, thank you for reaching out.

Best regards,

The ISD ONE10 School Board


School Board Contact

Message will be sent to all 7 board members and the superintendent.

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