Steps to Request Salary Lane Advancement

Step 1: Obtain Prior Approval Coursework.

Pursuant to article IX, Sect. 4 , Subd. 4 of the teachers' collective bargaining agreement: all college or professional development training credits in order to be considered for application on the salary schedule, must be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee in writing prior to the taking of the course or professional development activity.

Complete one or both of the following forms depending on the course/activity you are pursuing. Please complete one form for each course/activity. 

Submit form(s) electronically for approval. The form(s) will then be forwarded to the Superintendent's Designee for approval. A copy of the form(s) will be returned to you so you may proceed with registration. Retain a copy of all form(s) for your records. The original form(s) will be placed in your personnel file.

*Please note: Please note per Article IX, Section 4, Subd. 2 of the teachers' collective bargaining agreement, no more than six (6) video credits from an accredited university may apply towards a lane change. Video credits are often earned through independent study, book study and other types of courses without an in-person or synchronous teaching component.  Six (6) video credits refers to quarter credits per Subd. 2A.  One (1) semester credit is equal to one and on-half (1.5) quarter credits.

Step 2: Complete approved courses/activities and accumulate credits to apply toward lane advancements.

Step 3: Request a Salary Lane Advancement.

Requests must be submitted by August 31, December 15, or March 31. Please review Article IX, Section 4 of the Master Agreement for details on Salary Lane Advancement.

An official transcript is required for a lane change. Please contact your college or university and have them send it to the attention of:

Waconia Public Schools
Attention: Enid Schonewise
512 Industrial Blvd.
Waconia, MN 55387

For questions regarding Salary Lane Advancement, contact:

Enid Schonewise
Director of Human Resources
(952) 442-0600