WEB is a yearlong transition program with four components that contribute to program success: 

● Middle School WEB Leaders are staff selected 8th graders who mentor our new students throughout the year. 

● Due to our current climate, we are finding creative ways for our leaders to be there for these students this year. 

● Academic Follow Ups - 8th Grade WEB Leaders support 6th/7th grade academic success and character development

● Social Follow Ups - WEB Leaders and 6th/7th graders connect outside the classroom at social events to increase student engagement and promote positive school climate .

● Leader Initiated Contacts - WEB Leaders connect with their students on a more individual basis.

● Advisors- Mrs. Henslin phenslin@isd110.org and Mr. Jones ejones@isd110.org 

LINK: http://www.boomerangproject.com/web/what-web