How do I pay my bill?

Pay onlineClick on the box to the right of the invoice you wish to pay and follow the steps. Need a receipt?: Click on the “r” to the right of any payment and a receipt will be generated for that payment.

Set up monthly autopay

Make payment via payment slip : Drop completed payment form in the payment box located at your child's site or drop off at the Waconia Community Education office.

How to Change Infinity Information

To Change Password

Enter your phone number and password

Go to the bottom of the screen to:  change password  

Click and change.

To Change Credit Card Information

Under My Account click on “Manage Payment Methods

Then just edit the credit card information

Tax Information

TIN: 41-6000476

Go to: 

Click on the “My Account” tab 

Enter your home phone number and password 

Click the "Documents" link from the toolbar. 

From there, simply select the tax year you wish to view and print. 

All family members who share the same Family ID number and were registered for Kids’ Company will be on the same report.