Kindergarten/1st-3rd Grade Parents Connect (register here)

An offering for parents of kindergarten and 1st - 3rd grade children. The Elementary Schools of District 110 invite you to Parents Connect!

Parent connection and support is a unique opportunity for kindergarten and 1st grade parents. Parents will gather together in-person or on Zoom for a group discussion facilitated by our District 110 Parent Educators.  Parents have found this to be a great place to build connections with other parents and share information and ideas. Learn about ways to support young learners as they make their way through a milestone school year.

Registration is FREE through Early Childhood Family Education/School Age Offerings. Sibling care provided $5.00/child.
Registration Required.  An adult snack will be provided.

Next Steps - Elementary Age Parent Education (register here)

The elementary years are an exciting time for parents and children alike.  Trying new opportunities, learning, exploring, and going through changes.  We get to applaud their accomplishments and help them work through frustrations or disappointments. 

Growth like success is not a direct path.  There will be starts and stops, challenges and successes.  Join other parents from our community to celebrate, problem solve and learn how to support our elementary aged children. Discussions are facilitated by a licensed Parent Educator.  This is a fun time to focus on how we want to raise our children.

We meet 1.5 hours every other week.  Childcare is available for younger siblings who are not in school so that parents can focus without distraction. Topics are selected by group request.  Popular topics have been: problem solving daily life, teaching skills of independence, friendships and social conflicts, bullying, and teaching children to be organized.