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A little bit about Bayview Kids' Company

Bayview Kids' Company is an inclusive childcare program for children K-5th grade that attend Bayview that focuses on friendships, learning and creativity. At Bayview Kids' Company we encourage the students to be safe, responsible, and kind. 


When the students arrive at Kids' Company they enjoy a snack from home, during this time we encourage the students to have conversations with other students in their group. 


When the students work on homework they are in a quiet area where they can concentrate and ask questions when needed. If there are students who do not have homework they are able to have quiet reading time. 


When the students work on a craft or a project the students are able to be creative, use their imagination and take their time.


Here at Bayview we love when we are able to spend time outside, whether it be on the football field, on the track, down the large sledding hill, on the blacktop or on what most call the "Castle Park." If we are not able to be outside we love to play group games in the large muscle room, large motor activities in the gym or stations in the cafeteria. 

Ashley Karels Bayview
Site Lead: Ashley Karels


Monday - Friday

6:00am - 6:15pm


24 S. Walnut St Waconia MN 55387

Enter in the bus lane doors