More Than Pink
Girls Empowering Girls to Be Strong Inside and Out

What comes to mind when you think of young girls? So often our society paints girls into a corner, making them believe they need to be like every other girl. We would like to introduce to girls a new way of thinking about themselves through a program called More Than Pink. The goal of More Than Pink is to encourage girls to think of themselves as Strong, Smart, and Bold. If we can help, encourage, and empower these girls to think of themselves in this way, imagine the impact they can make in this world.

About More Than Pink

Girls entering Grades 3–6 have the opportunity to participate in this 8-week program offered during the summer months. Girls meet two times per week for 2 hours each day. One hour is filled with lessons on various topics and a group activity, the second hour is used for a cardiovascular exercise. Throughout their time spent together, girls are given the opportunity to journal, ask questions, and get to know other girls. A 5K Fun Run is held at the end of the program.

More Than Pink Topics

  • Caring for You
  • Body Image
  • Feelings
  • Nutrition
  • Self-Worth
  • Puberty
  • Personal Safety
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Gossip and Belonging
  • Bullying and Peer Pressure
  • Fashion
  • Money Management

More Than Pink Partners

  • Ridgeview Medical Center
  • Western Suburban Teen Clinic
  • Waconia Rotary Club
  • District 110 Staff Members
  • Coldwell Burnett
  • Shape It Up Fitness
  • The Stash
  • Taylor Hubbard, Photographer
  • Chelle Vogel, Life Coach
  • Ridgeview Sports Medicine
  • Lauren Hackbarth, Teacher/Educator
  • Sarah Nelson, Zumba Instructor


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