Obtaining a Device for the 2023-2024 School Year (Grades 5–12)

Option 1: Purchase a device through Best Buy with a $100 District 110 contribution as a discount.

  • If you choose NOT to use this option in the year that your child is eligible you give up the opportunity to purchase a device with the district contribution for another four years (To see the eligibility of your child click this link.)
  • District 110 has partnered with Best Buy for Education to provide families an opportunity to purchase a device at a discount of $100 for students in grades 5th, and 9th and newly enrolled students in grades 5-12. 
  • Students will be eligible to purchase one discounted device per student during one specific school year and then will be eligible again in 4 years. To see the eligibility of your child click this link.
  • Click here to compare Chrome and Windows devices
  • The web store will open between July 5, 2023, to those students who are eligible. To see the eligibility of your child click this link. THE OPPORTUNITY FOR ELIGIBLE STUDENTS TO USE THESE COUPONS ENDS ON OCTOBER 6, 2023 FOR THE 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR.
  • The $100 allowance code will be sent to eligible families in early July via the primary parent's email as indicated in Infinite Campus. 
  • How to purchase--Documentation with links to the products on bestbuy.com and directions for the order process will be provided via email and here later in the summer.  
  • Families are encouraged to purchase a protection plan for student devices.
  • Families should contact the Best Buy Education Support Team for assistance in the order process at 888-237-8289 for assistance Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Option 2: Bring a device already owned

  • Students may bring a laptop or Chromebook that they already own if the device meets the district's requirements.

Option 3: Borrow a school-owned device.

Students in grades 5-12 who need to borrow a Chromebook will have a device available to them by following the below process. Please note: We will no longer be using the paper District 110 Chromebook/iPad Agreement form.

For each child that is borrowing a device in grades 5-12, a parent must complete and submit this digital District 110 Chromebook/iPad Loan Agreement.  This must be submitted before picking up a device.  If this form has not been submitted, a student will be unable to take a device.  Chromebooks will be available at the Fall Open House 

Optional School-Owned Device Insurance Coverage 

Option 1: Annual School insurance—$50 nonrefundable

This will include coverage for hardware failure, theft, repair, accidental damage including screen repairs, and liquid damage. It does not include deliberate or negligent damage to the Chromebook and does not cover the case, charger, or cord. Insurance can be purchased via online payments in SmartSchools K-12; under My Accounts, select the item titled Mobile Device Protection.

For detailed information on this School insurance coverage, please click here

Option 2 - Self-insured

Families may choose not to insure the school-owned device and will take full responsibility for repairing and/or replacing the damaged, lost, or stolen device.  

  • If the damage is deemed accidental, the following fees will apply:

    • Damaged or broken screen may cost up to $90

    • Replacement cost for a charger is up to $50

    • Replacement cost for the mobile device is as follows:

      • Chromebook--$250