Pat Devine

Everything we do at Waconia Public Schools, ISD 110, is focused on creating opportunities for students to explore their passions and create their success. With excellent teachers, supportive parents, and a community that values quality education, we are able to provide authentic learning experiences for all students. At Waconia Public Schools...WeAreONE10!!!!!!

Pat Devine, Superintendent

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Show Your ONE10Pride!

To celebrate Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, we want to give the ONE10 community an opportunity to show how thankful they are for all that our ONE10 staff has done during this pandemic. We are launching a campaign to encourage the ONE10 community to share how proud they are of ONE10 and how much they appreciate our awesome ONE10 staff members. Send in videos, photos of chalk art, window art, signage, selfies or something fun, etc., to:

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